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Shank, the side-scrolling beat-em up that made me renown fate in the genre.

Back in the 90’s, I used to change controllers on my NES regularly. The Ninja Turtles and Double Dragon were just a few of the causes. Can’t have a beat-em up without beating-up those buttons.

Buttons to buttons and dust to dust. There seems to be a lot of it in the demo (grenade dust, that is).  And guns, lots of guns. Chainsaws too.  All of them to backup the main weapon, which is the SHANK.

Besides the killer arsenal, there is a combo system as well that produces endless amounts of eye candy, lots of bad guys and bosses and an impressive visual style that ‘s almost like playing through a comic book’s pages.

More info to come about Shank, that’s for sure. Keep in touch.



  1. Looks cool. What platform is it gonna get out for?

  2. So far, they’ve only announced it for the PC. Although it could be a perfect console game.

  3. Holy shit, I thought this was the old trailer. Still, it makes you wonder, why use a shank if you got a chainsaw?

    • Cuz shank represents “prison love” , what beats that ?!? 🙂

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