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Comic strips are viewed as children’s literature in most parts of the world. Some people, however, call them graphic novels or “bandes dessinee”. They consider comics a genuine art form and view them as sequential art, the so-called “9th art”. We do too.

RanXerox made his first appearance in the Italian Cannibale magazine in 1978. It’s a science fiction graphic novel series by Stefano Tamburini and Tanino Liberatore, two Italian artists. For the futuristic cross between Frankestein’s monster and cyberpunk, the comic artists took inspiration from Michelangelo’s veneration of the human pshysique. Thanks to this the comic hero is able to execute his merciless brutality with the ferocious power of an over-proportional amount of muscles. Denounced by some purists as a glorification of violence, a more liberal readership still admires the comic as cult exactly because of its explicit depiction of brutality. The use of narcotics and the representation of sex are often present in the comic, making it not exactly subtle either.

RanXerox does things on the behalf of his mistress Lubna, that nobody ever dared to do before in a comic book. The power of imagination that Liberatore acquired through the depiction of femle attributes, has made the character of Lubna become one of the most brutal and erotic future femme fatales of comic history.



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