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Looking back over my robotic shoulder to the 90’s, I can see myself laughing and playing Wolfenstein 3D. Playing like a madchild because this title was the first shooter that introduced us to a lot of face to face nazi-killing. Laughing because of that 2d-3d amalgam that made me realize that wherever I looked from to the bodies on the floor, they looked exactly the same. They were fucking looking at me all the time, harassing my ass with their glare.

Anyway…iD Software was responsible for the mayhem that took place in the 90’s and also for the 2001 sequel “Return to castle Wolfenstein”, which honestly didn’t impress me much. Raven Software, a company that collaborated with iD earlier, upgraded to a much better graphic engine called “iD Tech 4” also seen in games like Doom 3, Quake 4 and Prey. The last of them, Prey really blew my mind back in 2006.

In 2009 iD and Raven are back with the simple and plain title “Wolfenstein”. B.J. Blazkowicz, the main character, finds himself in the city of Isenstadt, once again tracing the bastards from Paranormal Division. The city is like a hub, where you can take new missions, access new weapon upgrades and always find a nazi guard that can be reduced to silence. Producers said that the new engine learned new effects like Depth of Field, Soft Shadows and Havok physics, but really, the game didn’t impress me on that “wow” level. All that greenery that appears when you enter the Veil is to much 1-color for my eye.  The game is pretty linear, all you can choose is the order of how your missions get resolved and that’s all…a rollercoaster.

I must mention there is an artifact that can be used to alter your powers and give you access to “Black Sun Dimension”. Therefore, you can use The Vail, Mire, Defend or Empower; the names are suggestive enough…they will help you in your way to kill all you can or escort an ally to a checkpoint. The AI is pretty stupid to me…attacking most of the time, hiding from grenades but not from your bullets and realizing when you’re reloading; I cannot say if that is just a scripted voice trigger when you are pressing the reload button, or an action that the nazis are really taking.

I’ve just finished the game yesterday and I think I will not play it again, so the rerun strives to zero.  I think it’s a game created for the masses that will impress the masses, and nothing more. And this concludes to a 7 out of 10.

The best in-game thing: firing a Particle Cannon to a group of enemies.

The worst thing: final bosses.


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