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To be honest, the 3D Vision Goggles aren’t exactly revolutionary. It isn’t as if they contain some secret alien technology that no one’s seen before. Basically, the unit consists of a pair of special glasses with lenses that are capable of shuttering open and close rapidly; the wireless IR base plugs into a USB port and sends the proper signals, telling the lenses when to flicker on and off. The technology works that every eye gets 60 Hz refresh and glasses blank the lens for 60 times in a second, so that 120 Hz display yields smooth 3D gameplay in 60 fps or so… I have tried the technology yesterday, and I have to say, it is really enjoyable.

Currently they are only supported by two LCD monitors available on the market – Samsung and ViewSonic – and (sadly) require Windows Vista.

For those of you that don’t possess a Nvidia card, well, you can go outside and play because it causes eyestrain after prolonged use anyway…



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