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Deadly Perils, Priceless Treasures

Zendikar is a new world for Magic: The Gathering, and is the first set in the Zendikar block from the M10 core.

The set features 249 black-bordered cards, including randomly inserted premium versions of all cards in the set. It will be available in booster packs, intro packs, and fat packs.

Other things introduced are the new mechanics landfall, Allies, Traps, and quests. Landfall is an ability that will trigger once a land comes into play, having the possibility to play a land per turn as a basic game rule, and additional lands through many other ways.

There are new Planeswalkers as well 😀 Sorin Markov, Chandra Ablaze and the fav one, Nissa Revane.

Besides the normal lands, there will be full art lands as well. Also, the vampires make a legion. New merfolk for my deck and some worthy elves. The goblins don’t look too shabby either. The Kor soldiers have their own intro pack now: Kor Armory.

Until Zendikar hits the shelves of a shop near you, here’s some eye candy for the wicked!

More MTG news and feeds to follow. Stay tuned.


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