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As I see it, I can only make a review after I have finished a game…sooo here comes Killzone part 2 straight from my clampy hands. I must admit that I didn’t have the chance to play the first part that came out for PS2. The guys from guerrilla games have been working on the title since 2006, so I think they were somehow motivated by the first installment, since it took them 3 good years to develop the sequel. Let’s see if it really pays off…Killzone 2’s story is a simple one: Humanity has decided to strike back at the Helghast by invading their home planet Helghan. You’re well aware that this is a videogame, but at times, the tension and excitement can make you forget. You’ll play Killzone 2 slightly more alert than any other shooter, and that could also be a testament to the game’s fantastic A.I., which is always working together and always keeping their eyes peeled for any surprise attacks. The action is constantly pushing forward, leading you from one quality scripted event to the next and pitting you against bright AI opponents that have a remarkable grasp of battlefield tactics. Helghast will flank you and shoot blindly from behind cover, and should you toss a grenade in their direction, they’ll quickly scatter. I looove that kind of behavior…putting you in different situations, letting you adapt in order to survive.

Once you get out of the main city, things really take off as you find yourself moving from one fantastically designed set piece to another. One of my favorite sequences takes you through a gigantic factory, where you have to hitch a ride on the machinery while wielding the most powerful weapon in the game, the lightning gun. It’s incredibly satisfying to watch the lightning arc from one trembling enemy to the next sucker. I finished the game on normal difficulty and even tried the veteran option which seems harder, with more enemies to crush and missing  crosshair.

The characters, much like the environments, have also been given a shot of life, with eyes that don’t make them look like zombies, textures that are sharper, and overall detail that makes Killzone 2 one of the best looking games around. The six axis motion sensor is used in order to plant explosives, stabilize the sniper rifle (though the implementation here is subtle and therefore relatively harmless) and rotate some valves, which is not much but is still something 🙂

The cutscenes are top-notch, the story isn’t deep or involving–it’s just there, neither enhancing nor diminishing Killzone 2’s action. This leads to the multiplayer part, a fun and competitive extravaganza that issues a constant stream of benefits. The team-based gameplay itself is outstanding, which serves as reason enough to stick with Killzone 2. The modes themselves offer few surprises, what with variants on Team Deathmatch (Bodycount), Conquest (Capture and Hold), and Capture the Flag (Search and Retrieve), among others.

Best in-game experience: fighting a ATAC unit & controlling the Exoskeleton mech vehicle.

Worst in-game thing: using your handgun & limited gameplay for your lightning gun.

So this leads to an 9/10


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