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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

The last 2 characters for Capcom’s exclusive fighter Wii fighter have been revealed:

In the Tatsunoko  corner we have  Joe Asakura (also known as Joe the Condor, Condor Joe, “Jason” in the English adaptation Battle of the Planets, Dirk Daring in G-Force, and Joe Thax in Eagle Riders). He debuted in1972 in the  Gatchaman series and he joins his other two teammates, Ken the Eagle and Jun the Swan.

And from the Capcom side we have Zero from the  ’93 Mega Man X (or Rockman X) joining the Mega Man crew , plasma sword at hand. Zero has a different fighting style than Mega Man, relying more on close quarter combat than on ranged attacks.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom pits characters from Capcom’s most popular game franchises and the Tatsunoko animation studio against each other and  is a Wii exclusive, set to hit Nintendo’s console in January 2010.


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