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goo final

World of Goo is 1 year old. Happy Birthday World of Goo!

The little indie game from 2D BOY (a team of just 2 guys) decided to celebrate it’s birthday by going almost free.  People could buy the game by paying whatever they felt like: lower limit 0.01$ and upper limit… hasn’t been reached yet. This was supposed to last until  October 19 but, proving to be a huge success, has been extended until the 25th.

Also 2D BOY has revealed the details of how their World of Goo Birthday Experiment went so far. Let’s have a look at the chart below:


As expected, most people paid 1 cent for it, the lowest amount possible. Some of these customers were getting the game a second time, say they paid for it full 20$ price a year ago and now they wanted to get in on another platform without buying it again (or paying just 1 cent). Next we have around 6000 people paying between 2 cents and 99 cents for it. Nothing surprising here until we take in account the next sale spike, for people who paid 1$-2$ for it. And there’s 15000 of them.

Note-worthy are also the 5$ & 10$ price points, people seem to like round numbers much more than paying, say, 9 bucks for it. I was expecting a somewhat bigger number at the 10$ price point, considering what the games’s full price is and that it’s a 1 year old game but you can’t argue with the numbers.

There were also 306 people who paid full price for the game, when they could’ve gotten it for 1 cent.  Weird and fascinating.

The game’s Steam sales also were 40%  up, which is highly unusual. While the game was priced next to nothing on the official website customers bought it via Steam for the full price. This is mostly due to the advertising that the game got during the sale and fans of Steam deciding to make the jump (as you know, games bought on Steam can be downloaded as many times as you want).

Another important piece of information is a survey that customers could take part of, containing, among others, the reason people paid said price for it. The most frequent reason was “I like the pay-what-you-want model and wanted to support it” and, coming in second place “That’s all I can afford right now”. This is very expensive market survey material right here, that 2D BOY is sharing with everyone.

There’s all sorts of interesting data over at 2D BOY (for example they didn’t make any money on copies sold around or under 30 cents, PayPal having higher fees if the price is lower). At the end of the sale (25th October, as long as it doesn’t get extended again) the final results should be revealed.

2D BOY link here, survey results here and you can purchase the game here. Tried to purchase it all day today, had no luck, the servers probably are having a tough time dealing with the demand.


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