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Interplay had to sell to Bethesda the rights to Fallout 3 (and subsequent titles) but kept the rights to produce a Fallout MMO. However they had to secure some kind of funding  (they were hoping around 75 mil. $) and to enter full production of the game by April 4th 2009. Whether they did that or not, we’re not sure. Bethesda sued them over it and the suit is still going strong (some Interplay lawyer says the result is weeks away).  The good thing about this is that we have something to marval at now, namely some art work for the above-mentioned  MMO, dubbed Project V13.

A Fallout MMO is a no-brainer, it had to come up sooner or later, as is a GTA one. Interplay predicts 1 million subscribers globally within the first year and revenue of $160 million after its first year in operation.

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