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Developed by games studio Idol Minds, released in 2007 for PS3 as a downloadable title, PAIN became the most popular game anyone could download from PlayStation Network. In the first days of summer ’09 the game was also available on Blu-ray.

The game is a  unique user-driven experience full of slapstick humor, players can compete online to create situations involving painful collisions in a physics-controlled (Havok physics engine) environment.

Lots of add-ons had been put out for the game (Santa, Hung Lo, Nigel, Tati, Kenneth, Hoff, El Chile Grande, Daxter, Red Baron, Andy Dick, half of those wearing D cups:))) now, as a DLC, the guys from Idol Minds came out with the first female celebrity to throw around: Elvira The Mistress of the Dark. Don’t let this vamp cast a spell on you with her sassy humor, Elvira’s plenty used to horrifying situations and can surely take some PAIN!


One Comment

  1. Squeeee! I love her! Now I can throw her around like a ragdoll. Oh wait, is that a good thing? But she must be right. She can definitely pad her own landings.

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