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American McGee’s Alice was a cult hit in 2000. Although a bit linear, it offered a different take on the world and characters imagined by Lewis Carroll (who was a pedo bear by the way; could’t let that pass) with a suicidal Alice and a twisted version of Wonderland, corrupted by her own insanity. So it’s only natural that EA would contract him into doing a sequel of sorts to the story that American (re-)imagined. Above you have the fan made teaser trailer for the game.

Return of Alice is to be released in 2011 for the PC, PS3 and 360 and American’s own Shanghai based studio, Spicy Horse is developing it; the design part of it, at least, it’s a small studio. Oh and in case you were wondering about his weird name, American cleared that up: his mom was a hippie and was inspired by a woman she knew in college that named her child “America” (source: Giant Bomb, lots of interesting info there, especially regarding his work at id). Official artwork below.



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