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We’re giving away 2 copies of the aforementioned book, the second volume in The Hunger Games series, a science-fiction best selling series. You just have to send us an email at savenload (at) gmail (dot) com and tell us what game do you think would best be suited as a science-fiction novel . That’s all you need to do!

Only thing is that the contest is available only for our Romanian readers as the books are in Romanian (I guess, I’m not sure as we don’t have them yet). The contest is taking place until Saturday. Here’s a link to Wikipedia for The Hunger Games.

UPDATE: Winners posted after the jump. And the winners are: Persa Mihai (he answered Pariah) and Cocos Filip (System Shock 2). Congratulations, you both get a copy.



  1. Diablo

  2. When are you going to anounce the winners?

    • The book just arrived.Thanks.

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