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Konami’s DS game, Love Plus, is making waves in Japan, the only place you’ll find it for now. Love Plus is not your typical dating sim. As you know, the DS has a touch screen and a microphone. This makes for some weird gameplay mechanics, involving you to kiss the girls (yeah, you need to touch the screen, although you can use other things  than your lips hehehe) and whisper things in their ear (you need to say stuff into the microphone, like the girl’s name 100 times).  The game also has the girls calling the player by his first name, a not so common thing in Japan, as it carries some degree of intimacy. There were some reports of Japanese wives feeling like they were being cheated by their husbands with the game, however that’s nothing compared to what this guy did.

Sal9000 married in-game character Nene Anegasaki, holding a small ceremony for family, friends and the press. There were no invites on the bride’s side, though. Boingboing  has footage of the ceremony and also a very interesting  inteview regarding the game.

I just wonder what the creators of this human-species-ending-program at Konami are thinking right now (apart from “free advertising”).


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