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Pressure. That’s the word for the first Lost Planet. The fact that you had a number with a countdown representing your body heat in a full of ice planet made me take desperate decisions. I liked the first installment of this game…it was a tough (and long) game experience and a well designed game in a crippled world full of big icy beasts. Although it ended on a high note, with your band of snow pirates managing to get the icy world defrosting, there was definitely room for a follow-up as humanity attempted to continue its relocation.

The planetary defrosting has apparently done away with the snow that blanketed the world, and has revealed lush jungles. However, despite the extreme tropical makeover, thermal energy is still a source of conflict for all of the pirate bands on the world. To reminisce again, I have to say that Lost Planet: Extreme Condition had one of the smoothest and dynamic mech-based battles since Mech Warrior back in the days.  Speaking of wich… power-mech-style exoskeletons will be back in a big way. Besides increasing the number of mech types, the team is also increasing their functionality. You can expect to see many more specialized units that you’ll be able to use 🙂

Judging from the impressive sense of scale, both in the environment and the massive bosses, the game is going to be really attractive. Capcom is focusing mainly on the co-op side of things in part 2  as you can see below…

Release date: February 2010 on PC, Xbox360 and PS3. Demo available on Live and PSN.


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