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I loved the time spent in Borderlands. Every minute of it. The game was up there in my best of 09 list. I’m saying “was” because of this video of CodeHunters, winner of the “Best Design” award at the 2007 Berlin Internet Film Festival.  Yeah, that’s right Borderlands, you have been demoted for copying and not giving credit. Lots of similarities between the two and I find it somewhat strange that this was kept quiet until now. You’d expect the interwebs to be screaming with anger after the game’s launch and not now, a few good months after the game’s release, when the hype and the interest in the title has died down. Kotaku went even further and contacted Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford. His reply:

“I would like to thank news sites who chose to share the awesome work in Code Hunters with their readers. It’s great content and one can no doubt imagine that a number of artists and designers at Gearbox were inspired and influenced by it. It was inspiring to me when “The Incredibles” was clearly a big source of influence for titles like Battlefield Heroes and Team Fortress 2 (and other amazing games and media). Perhaps with more attention from gaming news sites and other sources, Code Hunters can be more respected and honored for their innovation and leadership in CG as well. Maybe I’m too optimistic to believe that Code Hunters can get as much attention as Pixar (with due respect I believe they deserve), but with the help of gaming news sites and others who care about great content, maybe more people can notice and recognize and, perhaps, be inspired by it.”

In other words, “yes, we copied it but we aren’t the only ones copying in this industry and maybe now, because of Borderlands and gaming news sites, CodeHunters will get more attention.” Anyway, seems that he had that press statement ready for deployment since … forever.



  1. I just got done watching Codehunters and was immediately reminded of Borderlands. I can’t believe I missed Codehunters in 2007, but am so glad it found me later rather than never. I did, however, catch Ben Hibon’s fantastic Heavenly Sword prologue episodes waaay back when they were fresh.

    Pitchford’s comments are disappointing. It is one thing to be inspired by and emulate large, influential entities such as Pixar and Tex Avery, and another to blatantly lift an entire sequence and copy the stylisation outright.

    He’s basically telling us “Codehunters will now get more respect because of the publicity our copying of it has generated.”. A bit arrogant…

    And that blind guy in Borderlands with the fake leg? Immediately brought the TF2 Engineer to mind…

    • Uuh, thanks for the tip on the Heavenly Sword prologue, loved that game.

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