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Once upon of time ago, David Jaffe, director of the first God of War game, saw the third title of the franchise, still in development at Sony Santa Monica, and went nuts over it: “HOLY HOLY HOLY FUCKING HELL!!!! (…) fucking WAIT till you see the amazing graphics…just fucking wait.” We all thought he was just hyping up what is considerably still his baby. That is till these new screens popped up. They have Kratos fighting a bunch of satyrs, taking on Hades, God of Death himself and what one site lists as Talos, a giant made out of bronze.

While the fight with Hades has got me excited, it begs the question: what happens after you kill him (cause you will) ? Who will be there to deal with the matters of death? Are we gonna be immortal after killing him? OK, probably a minor plot hole, not as large as the one from Dante’s Inferno, where you kill Death, take it’s scythe and then later watch Dante’s love interest, Beatrice, die. Anyway, look at the screens in glorious H…errr fullscreen, especially the first two, which blend artwork and in-game footage in a way never before seen and then go to David’s blog and approve with him (he’s also holding a funeral of sorts for Calling All Cars, as “her” online portion will go down forever).


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