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If you ever have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to run a lap around the Fuji track and you’re not happy with time you pulled, don’t worry, Polyphony Digital has got you covered.

Developers of the Gran Turismo series and also part of the Nissan GT-R’s dashboard have teamed up with Denso to develop a “GPS-track day unit”, one of which will also be found in the new Toyota FT-86G. How does it work? You run a lap in a real life circuit in a car fitted with one of these things, pull the USB stick out of the car and plug it into your PS3 and the game re-creates your run in-game.

Aside from being able to watch the run from diferent angles and things life that (it also records the driver’s movements), you can also race against yourself as the recording of the run can be transformed into a “ghost” car. The video above features a Lexus IS-F on the Fuji track probably driven by GT 5’s game director himself, Kazunori Yamauchi, considering the race buff he is.

Pretty high-tech stuff you got there, Yamauchi. It’s funny how this guy and Polyphony Digital take the time to run races and design different gadgets for cars, considering the development of Gran Turismo 5 has already cost Sony 60 mil. $ so far.


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