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Uncharted 1 & 2 are being packed into a single box as there isn’t much brand awareness  in Japan for the series.  The first title comes as a Best of Playstation edition but there are more good news coming with this. A demo will be out for the Japanes PS Store on January 28 along with some new DLC. The first one is gonna be out the same day with the demo and will contain  multiplayer character models of Nathan Hale and a Chimera from Resistance 2, Cole (both Evil and Good forms) and Zeke from InFamous and Sev and a Helghast soldier from Killzone 2. Best part? It’s gonna be free.

Those hoping for new multiplayer maps will be more than happy with the second content pack, adding two multiplayer maps (one based of the first game’s Ruins area) and character models for Nathan, Elena, Atoq Navarro, Eddy Raja (they had to, sooner or later), Roman Gabriel, and a mercenary. So this is more like a nostalgic’s DLC and is to released on February 25.

The third one will be released on April 15, will add a new c0-op multiplayer, four new maps and five character skins.

No word on what the price for the second and third packs will be, also these haven’t been confirmed by Sony or Naughty Dog to be coming to regions outside Japan.

UPDATE: IGN reports that a Sony rep told them that official news regarding the DLCs are on their way : “”The reports coming out of Japan are inaccurate. We’ll be announcing Uncharted 2 DLC details shortly.” So maybe the first pack is not gonna be free after all?


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