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Lots of things change in 10 years. Even Aliens vs. Predator. When the original shooter made its debut on the PC in 1999, there weren’t many players (and by that I mean other franchises) in the FPS market. But what about nowadays, when the market’s flooded with FPS games? Will it make it?

I’m guessing it will. Gamers have been longing for a good Aliens vs. Predator fight (with humans getting butchered in the middle) for a long time and the movies didn’t do too well in satisfying them.

What most of you don’t probably know is that the series began long before the first shooter appeared on the PC, as a comic feature and around the year 1994, 2 games came out featuring the sci-fi movie icons, one an arcade beat-em up and the other – a shooter on the Atari Jaguar.

If you’d like to find out more about the history of the series, frogeatdog has some more info. You should also check out this impressive fan page for the arcade version of AvP.

UPDATE: Found this Sega blog, shitload of AvP info there.


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