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Did two things yesterday: finished God of War 3 AND went to see the Clash of the Titans remake. As both of them deal with Greek mythology and well… epic, it’s only fair to have a side by side comparison of the two; after all, it’s not apples and oranges. The Kraken has been released, question is who’s the best hero for the job?

Please note that we are talking about the remake of Clash of the Titans, the one starring Sam “Don’t call me Na’vi” Worthington. As some of you may know, the ’80s Clash of the Titans provided inspiration for a lot of video-game designers that  wanted to get a piece of the Greek mythology pie, including some dude named David Jaffe, whose sick mind spawned the original God of War. So that one had it’s moment of glory, we’re gonna talking about the new movie here.


Box Office Mojo says that, as of April 18, Clash of the Titans has total gross (worldwide) of  $ 322,300,220. Despite the movie being released in 3D too, most movie-goers opted for the 2D version. I myself saw it in 3D and I wasn’t that impressed with it. The 3D effects were added post-production, as opposed to Avatar which was shot in 3D to begin with.

God of War 3, well… we can’t say for sure how much money it made. NPD says the game sold 1,100,000 copies in March. However, the game was released on March 16 (give or take a few days for the other regions) and NPD tracks only US sales. So we know it made at least $ 60 mil.


I mentioned Sam Worthington above as Perseus, the CotT movie also stars Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes as godly brothers Zeus and Hades and taking the role of Io, the super hot Gemma Arterton, who we’ll also be seeing in the Prince of Persia movie. Regarding Neeson and Fiennes, I was expecting a bit more of the duo considering this is their reunion since Schindler’s List. Oh and Fiennes’ representation of Hades is nothing but funny compared to the chilling one he gave for Amon Goeth, the Nazi Captain.

God of War 3 is lighter on the cast side, having series T.C. Carson voicing Kratos again, Malcolm McDowell as Daedalus, Linda Hunt as the narrator, Rip Torn as Hephaestus and, nice surprise here, Kevin Sorbo reprising his role as Hercules.

This happened before, with Harry Hamlin, Perseus in the original CotT movie, voicing the same character in God of War 2.

Action and special effects:

Well it’s kind of weird comparing a movie to a game, visual effects-wise. Why? Well because there’s a lot of work being put into CG effects in big budget Hollywood movies (and I mean a lot, bear in mind that we’re talking resolutions numbering in the tens of thousands; these things need to look as good as possible in order to blend in with the real persons and locations) and because …well a game’s CG from start to finish.

Yes, the Kraken was released, it looked good but the movie never had a single shot showing all of it, probably to emphasize the scale of the thing (it’s huge, as in titan huge). As you know, God of War 2 had a Kraken of it’s own. Maybe that’s why I was expecting Perseus to battle the thing from the inside or something along those lines, even though I knew from the old version that the Kraken was gonna get stoned.

With both CotT and GoW3 being action oriented it’s a tie with a slight bonus going to God of War 3 for the camera work. Yes, I consider this game’s camera work better than the movie’s. Take that, Roger Ebert (that’s one)!

Greek Mythology:

Uh-oh, this is where Clash of the Titans stumbles.

The movie has, get this, NO TITANS. I know that it’s due to the classic and, were it not a remake, they were probably gonna go with a different title (like “Release the Kraken”) but this movie walks all over the myths about the ancient gods. The titans are mentioned briefly, as the ones destroyed by the Kraken that Hades released. First of all, the Olympian gods defeated the Titans on their own, not with the help of some creature. Second, the Kraken’s origin is from Norse myths and it has nothing to do with the Greek mythology. Simply put, every few minutes, the plot goes crazy and re-writes some Greek myth. The weird thing is that the movie could have worked perfectly well without damaging anything. Perseus’ love interest still could have been Andromeda, just like in the books, and not Io, who’s, in fact,his great-great-great-great grandmother and ex-wife of Zeus. But hey, I understand Perseus, if Gemma Arterton was some ancient ancestor of mine, I’d do the same thing (and hit that).

That said, I thing God of War 3 was better of named Clash of the Titans considering it has a lot of those in it. And they’re… titanic. In the last part of the trilogy, Kratos, ex- mortal and ex-god of war, manages to re-ignite the war between the Olympian Gods and the Titans; in fact, that’s just how the game starts, on Gaia’s back, while she’s climbing Mount Olympus and battling Poseidon, God of the Sea. So it’s safe to assume that Kratos is on the Titans side, right? Wrong. Mortal, God and Titan alike, Kratos kills them all, somewhat explaining the disappearance of the Greek Gods. So God of War doesn’t change the era-old legends but builds upon them.

Critical reception:

What do the critics say? Clash of the Titans has a metacritic score of 39 while God of War 3 has a 93. Sure, you can debate that action movie + remake don’t go together too well in the eyes of movie critics but do seem like a good sandwich for the gaming press, but hey, we’re not gonna go all Roger Ebert on GoW3’s ass (that’s two) just because it’s epic.

Final opinion:

Well I certainly enjoyed God of War 3 more than Clash of the Titans. Don’t get me wrong, the movie was entertaining as well, it just didn’t get my any adrenaline kicks like the game did (a lot of times). I read that this Clash of the Titans was more of a series reboot, testing the ground for a franchise to be established. Looks like it’s doing good enough at the box office to warrant a sequel. That’s good for them; I’m hoping for a new God of War series, myself.



  1. Personally, I think the GoW series is far better than Clash. It’s grittier, darker, and touches on the one emotion of anger and you can feel it. I’m hoping they’re going to make a movie on it so you don’t have to play all the games just to get the story again (I’m not saying I don’t want to play the games; it’s just for the story’s sake).
    Aaand I think the CotT remake is a rip off of GoW. I know its hard to say that because GoW was inspired by the original Clash, but there are sooo many elements in the new movie that seem to be taken from the game.

    • I pretty much prefer GoW over CotT (as you can tell from the article) but I guess Clash is big enough to stand on it’s own two feet. I’m still curious to what they’ll do in the sequels (as they said they want it to be a franchise) but they’re gonna have to work harder if they want my money.

    • Chazz Princeton
    • Posted September 24, 2010 at 11:33 pm
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    Recently checked out clash of the titans game and to my surprise its the same as god of war only difference is the combo’s, characters and story line. So now which demi-god is beta than other?

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