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Not even a month ago, Gabe Newell, the big guy (no pun intended) at Valve made waves again in the gaming forums when stating that he’d like the PS3 to be a more open platform, “like a Mac than more closed, like a Gamecube”. As you know, this comes after lots of hate from Valve for the Playstation current generation console: a broken version of the Orange Box, statements that the PS3 is too hard to work with, deciding not to bring the Left 4 Dead series to Sony’s console and so on.

However, Gabe’s comment seemed out of place when Valve’s doing their best to support the X-Box 360, which is hardly an open platform. Hell, most people wouldn’t even call the Mac an open platform. In an unprecedented move, Steam, Valve’s digital distribution network and their main cash cow, was released for the Mac, reaching out to an untapped market, somewhat hungry for it’s gaming fix. It was almost as if fans of the PS3 had gotten used to the idea that they were never gonna see Valve’s games on their consoles.

All of that went away during Gabe Newell’s E3 presentation. The Valve boss announced, during a somewhat apologizing speech, that Portal 2 will be coming to the PS3 but not just in any way, but with Steam support.  That’s right: Steam on the PS3. It’s not known how exactly it will be integrated with the PSN and if (like with the Mac version) if you purchase a copy of a game on the PC, you’ll be able to download it for free on your PS3 and the other way around.

But here’s what I’m thinking: Gabe is saying that the Playstation 3 needs to be more “open” and then, a month later, during the Sony’s E3 conference, he announces that Steam will be coming to the PS3. Was Valve bugging Sony on allowing Steam on their console when Gabe made the “more open system” remark?

And since I got carried away from discussing anything Portal 2, here’s the E3 trailer.



  1. o sa apara si pe PC? 😦

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