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UPDATED: It’s been 4 days since Blizzard created a shit-storm after announcing that, while posting on their forums, you’ll not be posting under a moniker but under your real name (aka Real ID). After the announcement, nerd rage tremors were felt throughout the world, the original thread regarding the issue now going well over 1000 pages.

Why did Blizz do it? Their intention was nice and all, wanting nothing else but to stop the trolling going on. The repercussions of this will be huge though, privacy concerned. You know you screwed up when you make Facebook look like a holy privacy defender.

Here’s a list of most of the thing people complained about:

– makes work for stalkers and pedophiles more easy (I’m inclined to believe that this will increase the number of WoW players as more sexual deviants will be interested in the game). We’re talking about a game with 12 mil subscribers. Sure, maybe only 1/4 of them speak English and half of those use the forums. But that’s still a huge number of disclosed identities. Remember this guy? Maybe you’ll duel him and you find him at your doorstep 6 months later.

– girl gamers will have a tough time an ever tougher time on the internet and in WoW, with all the horny nerds on their cases and will be somewhat forced to hide their gender and become epic orc transvestites;

– people with serious jobs will be getting a lot flak due to the way other people’s attitude towards video-games.

To better put things into perspective, read the article over at seewhatyoudidthere. Read it? Good! Yes, it’s that scary. Now, four days have passed and no word back from Blizzard. It will be interesting to see how this will develop.

UPDATE: Blizzard just scraped the plans for the real ID.


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