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This year’s EVO had a lot of surprises for spectators and participants alike. Of course, uber-fighter Daigo won the Super Street Fighter 4 tournament but Justin Wong didn’t manage to even place in the top 8 players. He did, however win the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tournament. After the jump you have some of the most interesting and surprising matchups. Hands down, this was the best EVO so far.

The Super Street Fighter 4 grand final, played between Daigo Umehara and Ricky Ortiz. I don’t know about you but everytime I see Daigo play, I always think that he’s letting the other guys win a round or two just so they don’t feel low. I reckon he could perfect KO anyone without breaking a sweat. He did, however, got eliminated during the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix competition. Too much time spent with Street Fighter 4’s mechanics?

Below we have the Tekken 6 grand final, between Nin (Steve) and Rip (Law). Not impressed? I know, right? The second video, featuring Rip agains Mr. Naps is pure awesomeness tough. Just don’t pay attention to the nerd scream fest in the background.

Next up it’s the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom final, between K. Beast and Marn. Every time I see a video of this game, especially seeing it played at this level, I can’t help but wonder why this was a Wii exclusive.

Like I mentioned before, Justin Wong got eliminated pretty early (for a player of his skill, at least) in the Super Street Fighter 4 competition. Here he is winning the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 final against Sanford.

Interesting to see are also the Justin Wong’s SSF4 matches against Vangief and Gamerbee, the latter kicking him out of the competition.

Also, noteworthy is Juicebox’s Abel ultra dance. You may remember Justin Wong doing his Rufus dance last year. This year, however, Juicebox takes the cake, even though it got Seth Killian to call him autistic. Below you have his matchup against Scumbag. Notice how Scumbag taunts him in-game and then Juicebox beats the living daylights out of him, taunting him in real life with the Abel dance.


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