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Having just read the Green Lantern: Rebirth series (which I recommend to anyone wanting to quickly jump into the story but was overwhelmed with the number of spin-offs and well… Green Lanterns) I’m very hyped about this movie. Ryan Reynolds may have donned the super-hero cape (without actually wearing a cape) before in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but I don’t remember too much from that movie. Or game. So anyway… the suit.

Yeah, it’s a CG suit. This does not sit well with some fans as I’ve scanned the forums but there’s always gonna be someone complaining. The story, I presume, will somewhat follow the events in Rebirth as it was announced Parallax will be the nemesis but it’s gonna be complicated cramming all those events that happened before and during Rebirth into a two hour movie. Unless they change some important things or leave some out. And that’s generally bad.

Update: Two more pictures added.

Thank you Entertainment Weekly and io9 for the pics.

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