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… MW2. Only with editable kill-cams. Seriously, I know that probably developer Treyarch got orders straight from Kotick himself to copy/paste the multiplayer from Modern Warfare 2 but with Medal of Honor going for the title as well this fall, things suddenly don’t look so good for CoD. Bah, who am I kidding, it will still sell like hot cakes.

From what I could spot from the trailer the new gadgets that Black Ops will bring are:

– some weird back stabbing … things (I’m not sure they’re knives). Actually, I think  they are some kind of pressure-released knives.

– remote control explosive cars (probably a kill streak)

– explosive crossbow

– “Camera Spike” for creating the aforementioned editable and recordable killcams. Update: Ok, I’ve looked through the trailer a few more times and it seems you’ll be able to take screenshots from the recorded material and even have some basic video-editing options to create your very own killcam collage. Color me still unimpressed.


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