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Yeah, take that Marvel with your stupid Avengers movie! Wait, what? But Superman and Batman are DC’s most important icons, are they nuts? So this supposedly would feature Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and The Flash, with the focus being on the first three’s origins. That’s right. Aquaman. Read More »


With Sam Jackson’s voice-over and all.

This all happened at the San Diego Comic Con: Joss Whedon was confirmed as the director, then they showed a teaser trailer (not online yet) that had a voice over by Samuel L. Jackson and then all of the cast appeared on stage. They’re listed after the jump, along with a short video of them.

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Having just read the Green Lantern: Rebirth series (which I recommend to anyone wanting to quickly jump into the story but was overwhelmed with the number of spin-offs and well… Green Lanterns) I’m very hyped about this movie. Ryan Reynolds may have donned the super-hero cape (without actually wearing a cape) before in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but I don’t remember too much from that movie. Or game. So anyway… the suit. Read More »

So far we knew about Juri, T. Hawk and DeeJay. Here they are in action, along with these 3 new guys: Cody, Guy and Adon. It’s not certain if this is the final new characters roster as Capcom was teasing 8 new characters when first announcing Super Street Fighter 4. But enough about that, time to watch Cody beat people with handcuffs on.


Had to post this. It’s actually something I made for some wise guys. Simple design. Hope you like it.

Hit for full view.


Comic strips are viewed as children’s literature in most parts of the world. Some people, however, call them graphic novels or “bandes dessinee”. They consider comics a genuine art form and view them as sequential art, the so-called “9th art”. We do too.

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