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Lots of shooting, Danny Trejo jumping out of the window hanging by some dude’s guts, tits, explosions, hands cut off, more shooting, dudes getting stabbed in the face, Steven Segal dual wielding katanas and then some more shooting. I am sorry, Machete, I have misjudged you.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wow, this must be the best CG trailer I’ve seen all year. It’s got great superheroes vs. villains fights, iconic characters duking it out (and some dying, mind you) and best, it’s fucking long. For too many times we’ve had cool trailers ending after one or two minutes, leaving us to pick up our jaws, wanting more. So yeah, watch these 6 minutes of awesomeness. Rinse and repeat.

Just look at that trailer up there! You expect the thing to say “Hell, it’s about time!” at the end of it. This is supposed to be a hack-and-slash take on Spore but don’t expect the same level of customization. This is one of the five classes that are available on the official website (not all are revealed, though). Are these the only heroes vailable? Will we be able to create our own, complete with custom body parts and skills? Is this a take on DotA? Oh, the wait is killing me!

Ninjas wearing headbands that have “Ninja” written on them. Purple (or is it pink?) evil ninjas. Chain-mail wearing ninjas. Ninjas with sunglasses. “Keep in mind you must always be a good ninja”. Ninja Kill has it all.

It’s all CGI work but hey, it looks great. Wonder why Blizzard doesn’t get the “not another pre-rendered trailer” treatment? First and foremost, they released gameplay footage before (a ton of it) and second… it looks so fucking great!!!

Where have you heard that name before? It was a mod for UT 2004 until Valve hired the team and put them to work on Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 and Portal 2. But they were also secretly working on bringing Alien Swarm to Steam. Read More »

                      Source: IGN. Go there to get the printable version.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Imagine this really being on sidewalk and watching it while walking down the street. There’d be people bumping into each other all the time.

Having just read the Green Lantern: Rebirth series (which I recommend to anyone wanting to quickly jump into the story but was overwhelmed with the number of spin-offs and well… Green Lanterns) I’m very hyped about this movie. Ryan Reynolds may have donned the super-hero cape (without actually wearing a cape) before in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but I don’t remember too much from that movie. Or game. So anyway… the suit. Read More »

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This year’s EVO had a lot of surprises for spectators and participants alike. Of course, uber-fighter Daigo won the Super Street Fighter 4 tournament but Justin Wong didn’t manage to even place in the top 8 players. He did, however win the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tournament. After the jump you have some of the most interesting and surprising matchups. Hands down, this was the best EVO so far. Read More »

And they made that CG trailer to thank you us for the support. As a regular player, I’m glad to see Riot Games are keeping things fresh, just like they promised, with a new batch of heroes, a new pre-game interface and now, a competition where gamers with level 20 or more can participate in ranked games for the chance to win up to 100.000 $ in prizes.

Source: viruscomix

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Games during the 8 bit era were famous for one thing: being fucking hard. What if you’d get to use the easy mode available in today’s games?

UPDATED: It’s been 4 days since Blizzard created a shit-storm after announcing that, while posting on their forums, you’ll not be posting under a moniker but under your real name (aka Real ID). After the announcement, nerd rage tremors were felt throughout the world, the original thread regarding the issue now going well over 1000 pages. Read More »