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… MW2. Only with editable kill-cams. Seriously, I know that probably developer Treyarch got orders straight from Kotick himself to copy/paste the multiplayer from Modern Warfare 2 but with Medal of Honor going for the title as well this fall, things suddenly don’t look so good for CoD. Bah, who am I kidding, it will still sell like hot cakes. Read More »


Here it is, the last trailer before the launch, on Eminem’s Till I Collapse. Weird choice for a trailer track. Oh, it also has some spoilers.

If you’re pro enough to reach a 25 killstreak in Modern Warfare 2, you’re gonna get a Tactical Nuke. And it’s gonna kill everything on the map. Yes, EVERYTHING (first video got taken down, this one’s longer and with bonus retarded commentary). Bonus x2: full killstreak list after the jump. Read More »

infamy trailer

We’ve got a new trailer for Modern Warfare 2, dubbed “Infamy” and it sheds some light into the story of the new Call Of Duty franchise entry. It has some guy talking some biblical BS about how Cain was the first one to strike another man down while we see images of a terrorist attack ¬†on an airport. Read More »