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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Eric Chahi is the man responsible for Another World. Now I don’t mean responsible as in “was the lead game desiger” or anything like that but responsible as in he developed the game by himself, from coding to box art. His next game (this time, working with a team) is called From Dust and is a take on the god simulator that Populus and Black and White made popular years ago with a twist of Pixeljunk Shooter (as in the elements react to each other). Looks great so far but it still has a long way to go as it will hit the PS3 and X-Box 360 sometime in 2011.


brutal bike

While XBox Live Gold members had a taste of Brutal Legend a few days before the rest of us, the demo arrived on the PS Store today along with a bunch of titles celebrating this week’s launch of the PSP Go. The demo is 1.58 GB big and contains the first half hour of the game (and a super slick menu). Read More »


If you hadn’t had the chance to mess around in the Uncharted beta, good news for you, the multiplayer demo is now available for download for everybody on the PlayStation Store. Read More »


That’s it boys and girls. This fall, more precisely November.

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