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Vodpod videos no longer available.

Eric Chahi is the man responsible for Another World. Now I don’t mean responsible as in “was the lead game desiger” or anything like that but responsible as in he developed the game by himself, from coding to box art. His next game (this time, working with a team) is called From Dust and is a take on the god simulator that Populus and Black and White made popular years ago with a twist of Pixeljunk Shooter (as in the elements react to each other). Looks great so far but it still has a long way to go as it will hit the PS3 and X-Box 360 sometime in 2011.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Imagine this really being on sidewalk and watching it while walking down the street. There’d be people bumping into each other all the time.

I’ve heard that David Jaffe’s been an dick and lying this entire time announced his new Twisted Metal title during E3 but I only saw the trailer today. Considering I’ve never touched a Twisted Metal title before but loved every Carmageddon entry (yes, even you,  TDR 2000), it was love at first sight.

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As you know, the sequel to 2007’s best video benchmark sprinkled with gameplay is moving from the tropical island setting, straight to New York. Here’s the first gameplay video for the game (cut from a Gametrailers interview). Things to note? No recoil, edgy shadows (console version probably) and the aliens have been somewhat humanized.

And it’s looking better with every bit of screenshot and trailer Eidos Montreal is throwing at us. The pre-E3 trailer is here but, again, no gameplay, just the usual CG trailer that’s known to come out of Square Enix’s studios.

But this time (albeit one day later) we get something else: leaked screenshots. That’s right people, real, in-game screenshots, watermark-free, after the jump.

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Well it’s not a gameplay trailer per se as it doesn’t contain any combat whatsoever, just characters walking around town while Japanese people are talking in the background. We do get to see some huge tower an a chocobo at one point but I was hoping for more.

So far we knew about Juri, T. Hawk and DeeJay. Here they are in action, along with these 3 new guys: Cody, Guy and Adon. It’s not certain if this is the final new characters roster as Capcom was teasing 8 new characters when first announcing Super Street Fighter 4. But enough about that, time to watch Cody beat people with handcuffs on.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

There’s not much to say about this latest Starcraft 2 Battle Report. We get a protoss vs. terran match with the known-by-now over the top dramatic commentary but we do get to see some Psi Storms and Nukes in action.


If you didn’t happen to come across this game here…well…maybe you’ve been locked in the basement waiting for the apocalypse to come. It really never showed up so you can get out and play (watch) now… Read More »


This is the TGS trailer for Final Fantasy XIII and it’s the best one so far. It’s 7 minutes long, has lots of gameplay sequences and even more cutscenes (some using the in-game engine and some CG). We also see some of the epic summons in battle and have a glimpse of the story. Video after the jump.  Read More »