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                      Source: IGN. Go there to get the printable version.

Source: viruscomix


Eight consoles, a sound system, and a projector! The guts of this R2-D2 unit.

Brian De Vitis is the creator of this little bundle of joy here. Dreamcast, N64, SNES, PlayStation, Genesis, NES are the consoles we can make out from the picture above.

Quite a gaming rig you got there, Brian.


Town of Torchlight, the mines. Ember has been discovered, as well as the menace of the villain that corrupted the ore with his evil heart. In order for the people of Torchlight to survive, a champion is called upon. That champion is you. Read More »

The MMORPG from Turbine has left behind its subscription based model and is now free to play. Read More »