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It’s got fan favorites Gunther and Anna, takes place at the ‘Ton and has the same bad voice acting that Deus Ex is famous for. So it’s a perfect fit. Human Revolution can’t come soon enough.


And it’s looking better with every bit of screenshot and trailer Eidos Montreal is throwing at us. The pre-E3 trailer is here but, again, no gameplay, just the usual CG trailer that’s known to come out of Square Enix’s studios.

But this time (albeit one day later) we get something else: leaked screenshots. That’s right people, real, in-game screenshots, watermark-free, after the jump.

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I sure have high hopes for Deus Ex 3 but I’m also on the fence here; I can’t handle another disappointing sequel. This teaser got my hopes up again, with all the Renaissance and Icarus themes going on. But until we get some solid gameplay footage, I’m gonna keep being paranoid about it.