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Yeah, take that Marvel with your stupid Avengers movie! Wait, what? But Superman and Batman are DC’s most important icons, are they nuts? So this supposedly would feature Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and The Flash, with the focus being on the first three’s origins. That’s right. Aquaman. Read More »


Although Microsoft has now sold more than 150 million Windows 7 licenses, the company’s still mum about plans about its future operating system. However, a set of slides designed for Microsoft’s PC partners have been leaked to the internet and it looks like Microsoft is looking into taking some ideas from how Apple’s running its business. Please note that these are things that Microsoft is looking into adding and, by no means, are set in stone to appear in the future iteration of Windows. Read More »

ssf IV

Capcom’s newest plans of milking the Street Fighter franchise seem a bit weird: instead of releasing new fighters as downloadable content, they announced Super Street Fighter IV as a disc based release which will bring 8 new characters, new online features and some rebalancing of older, over-powered characters (they’re looking at you, Sagat). Read More »


Since its inception, the Fable franchise has offered players the opportunity to choose their own destinies as a hero, villain or someone between, where the possibilities are limitless and the consequences can weigh heavily on the path to greatness.  In this new adventure, players will witness tyranny, poverty and injustice plague their land. Read More »