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This time, he’s backed up by the singing viking fat lady.


The latest ad staring president of all things PS3 related Kevin Butler. DND

brutal bike

While XBox Live Gold members had a taste of Brutal Legend a few days before the rest of us, the demo arrived on the PS Store today along with a bunch of titles celebrating this week’s launch of the PSP Go. The demo is 1.58 GB big and contains the first half hour of the game (and a super slick menu). Read More »


Eight consoles, a sound system, and a projector! The guts of this R2-D2 unit.

Brian De Vitis is the creator of this little bundle of joy here. Dreamcast, N64, SNES, PlayStation, Genesis, NES are the consoles we can make out from the picture above.

Quite a gaming rig you got there, Brian.