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You just need to add some of that Zimmer score to it. This little (it’s actually pretty huge) indie game is turning out to be quite the hit.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Eric Chahi is the man responsible for Another World. Now I don’t mean responsible as in “was the lead game desiger” or anything like that but responsible as in he developed the game by himself, from coding to box art. His next game (this time, working with a team) is called From Dust and is a take on the god simulator that Populus and Black and White made popular years ago with a twist of Pixeljunk Shooter (as in the elements react to each other). Looks great so far but it still has a long way to go as it will hit the PS3 and X-Box 360 sometime in 2011.

Blizzard just revealed a new profession for Diablo 3. The catch? It’s not a profession for the player but one for the NPCs. We will be able, just like with Cain in Diablo 2, to take certain NPCs with us on our journeys. These are not henchmen, as they will stay in town and, as the above video with the blacksmith shows us, will be able to manufacture certain items for us. Think of them as your personal shop. What I like most is how the stand changes when the blacksmith acquires a new level.

… MW2. Only with editable kill-cams. Seriously, I know that probably developer Treyarch got orders straight from Kotick himself to copy/paste the multiplayer from Modern Warfare 2 but with Medal of Honor going for the title as well this fall, things suddenly don’t look so good for CoD. Bah, who am I kidding, it will still sell like hot cakes. Read More »

With Sam Jackson’s voice-over and all.

Lots of shooting, Danny Trejo jumping out of the window hanging by some dude’s guts, tits, explosions, hands cut off, more shooting, dudes getting stabbed in the face, Steven Segal dual wielding katanas and then some more shooting. I am sorry, Machete, I have misjudged you.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wow, this must be the best CG trailer I’ve seen all year. It’s got great superheroes vs. villains fights, iconic characters duking it out (and some dying, mind you) and best, it’s fucking long. For too many times we’ve had cool trailers ending after one or two minutes, leaving us to pick up our jaws, wanting more. So yeah, watch these 6 minutes of awesomeness. Rinse and repeat.

Just look at that trailer up there! You expect the thing to say “Hell, it’s about time!” at the end of it. This is supposed to be a hack-and-slash take on Spore but don’t expect the same level of customization. This is one of the five classes that are available on the official website (not all are revealed, though). Are these the only heroes vailable? Will we be able to create our own, complete with custom body parts and skills? Is this a take on DotA? Oh, the wait is killing me!

It’s all CGI work but hey, it looks great. Wonder why Blizzard doesn’t get the “not another pre-rendered trailer” treatment? First and foremost, they released gameplay footage before (a ton of it) and second… it looks so fucking great!!!

And they made that CG trailer to thank you us for the support. As a regular player, I’m glad to see Riot Games are keeping things fresh, just like they promised, with a new batch of heroes, a new pre-game interface and now, a competition where gamers with level 20 or more can participate in ranked games for the chance to win up to 100.000 $ in prizes.

Just in case the trailer didn’t make it clear enough, in Centaurian you’ll be controlling game creator Simon Peter (or you can put your mug on the character) as he battles armies of centaurs with his trusty axearang. Oh, I forgot to mention that the centaurs are throwing purple dildos at you and if you die, you’ll get raped by one. You can play it (at your own risk) here.

I’ve heard that David Jaffe’s been an dick and lying this entire time announced his new Twisted Metal title during E3 but I only saw the trailer today. Considering I’ve never touched a Twisted Metal title before but loved every Carmageddon entry (yes, even you,  TDR 2000), it was love at first sight.

Update: gameplay video after the jump. Read More »

As you know, the sequel to 2007’s best video benchmark sprinkled with gameplay is moving from the tropical island setting, straight to New York. Here’s the first gameplay video for the game (cut from a Gametrailers interview). Things to note? No recoil, edgy shadows (console version probably) and the aliens have been somewhat humanized.

What we have here is an ad starring a Serious Sam preacher (or a Serious Preacher?) talking about how “we’re all brothers and sisters under Sam” and about Krundle Blind (the disorder that causes you not to experience things in HD). If your brain survived watching the first trailer, the second one’s after the jump. Me? I’m so full of praise right now I could just spit!  *spits* Read More »

And it’s looking better with every bit of screenshot and trailer Eidos Montreal is throwing at us. The pre-E3 trailer is here but, again, no gameplay, just the usual CG trailer that’s known to come out of Square Enix’s studios.

But this time (albeit one day later) we get something else: leaked screenshots. That’s right people, real, in-game screenshots, watermark-free, after the jump.

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